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Service & Repair


Does your Swifty need some TLC? Why not book it in for a service at SwiftyHQ!

We keep spare parts for all perishable components available at SwiftyHQ so that you can keep your scooter running for thousands of miles. If you're in need of new brakes, tyres or grips, or even grip tape or a new wheel! Just let us know :)

You can check out our prices for spare parts here.

“Fantastic customer service by this Manchester-based company. I love the Swifty range & the MOT they did on my SwiftyOne feels like it’s brand new again! Highly recommended.” - Web Customer Review, 2021

How to book your Service & Repair Service:

  1. Add the service & repair service to your cart. If you are sending two scooters, add two to the cart.
  2. Need empty carton boxes? Get them here.
  3. Decide how to get your scooter to SwiftyHQ from these three options:
    a) Drop your scooter off to us in person (call us to arrange the date/ time).
    b) Send your scooter to us with your prefered courier, contact us to let us know the date it is due to arrive.
    c) Let us arrange for our courier to collect your scooter from you for an additional fee of £20/scooter, get in touch when it’s ready, and we’ll book it!
  4. Inspection at SwiftyHQ
    Once your scooter arrives back to us, we will inspect and be in touch with our recommendations on which parts to upgrade. We won’t proceed with the work without your approval.
  5. Payment
    If there are any additional fees to pay (i.e. for new components), we will amend your order and send you the balance to pay by email.

To Note:

  • Please clean your scooter before sending it!
  • We will service and replace small parts but any larger parts needed will be an additional fee, we’ll be in touch if this is required.
  • We recommend taking a picture of your scooter before packing it, and pack it really well inside the box. If you have the original packaging, please use it. If your scooter becomes damaged in transit back to us, we cannot be liable. We will provide some padding in the box if supplied by ourselves but you should make sure that the scooter is all well protected for delivery.

Handling time

  • Same day - If your product is in stock and you order before 9 am (GMT), your order will be dispatched the same day that we receive your order (excluding weekends or bank holidays).
  • Next working day - If your product is in stock and you order after 10 am (GMT), your order will be dispatched the next working day that we receive your order (excluding weekends or bank holidays).
  • Further notice - If your product is on backorder or is a customised item, we will notify you when it is ready.

Electric Scooter Handling time

  • 5 working days - All electric scooters from Swifty are assembled to order at SwiftyHQ. Please allow 5 working days for your order to be processed. For pre-orders please refer to the product page for more information. You can contact us at any time.

Change of Address

  • Shipping address - If you wish to change your shipping address, please let us know as soon as possible. Once your parcel is shipped, we can not guarantee that your address will be changed. Learn more at our Shipping page.
  • Billing address - You will not be able to change your billing address after your order is confirmed. 


Shipping time

  • UK - Standard FREE shipping (on orders over £60, except electric scooters), usually delivers in 1-2 working days. 
  • EU - Shipping for one scooter from £19-£49, 3-7 working days depending on your country.
  • Other countries - We aim to deliver within 7 working days to all countries across the world. For details, please refer to our Shipping Page.


  • Available Currencies - The transaction can be made in GBP/EUR/USD/CAD. The website will automatically choose the currency for you based on your location. GBP is the default currency.
  • Currency selector - You can choose your preferred currency in the currency selector. Top right corner on big screen devices, in the side menu on mobiles.
  • GBP is the default currency - This means prices in other currencies will fluctuate with the exchange rate.
  • For details, please refer to our Payment Page.

Returns Policy

  • We offer a no-hassle returns policy to any unused product with intact original packaging. For full-priced items, you have 30 days to contact us. For items bought during a sale, you have 14 days to contact us. You will need to provide proof of purchase. In these circumstances, you will be eligible for a full refund.


Refund Policy

  • You will be eligible for a full refund of the cost of the product if you return your item unused with all original packaging intact. If you are returning your product from a country outside of the UK, you may have to cover the cost of the shipping charges.
  • For further details, go to our Return & Refunds Page.